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2014 - Michelle

I have a new guide dog called Michelle. Have a look at my Dogs page to find out about her!

Picture of Annabel and Michelle


2012 - Page

I have a new guide dog called Page. Have a look at my Dogs page to find out about her!

Picture of Page and Annabel on the patio


Amy's Christmas Party 2010!!

Amy recently hosted a Christmas party which raised £296.62 for the Guide Dogs charity! Well done Amy!

Raffle prizes went to:

1st prize - A gorgeous snowman knitted by Lucy from Thursday Braille class - Won by Mandy from Thursday Braille class.

2nd prize - A bottle of fizz - Won by Helen from Thursday Braille class.

3rd prize - A tasty Christmas pudding - Won by Deryck.

The grand total of the pennies in the whisky jar was £73.62 and I was lucky enough (I say luck - but really it was pure skill) to have the closest guess (£75.20) and won a nice bottle of whisky!

A special guest appearance was made by Louis the pug - everyone wanted to take him home with them!

Good fun was had by all and everyone particularly enjoyed tasting the cakes made by Emma and friends.

Amy would like to send special thanks to John for controlling the kitchen, Roz, Emma and Karen for organising excellent stalls, Lucy and Mick for organising the raffle and tombola, Helen for making teas, Kat for bringing her whisky bottle full of pennies and everyone who came along for giving generously!!

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