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I'm Annabel.

You will find information here about my music, my Guide Dogs and about my Braille teaching. I have also included links to some of my favourite websites.

In the Miscellaneous section you will find photos and things of interest to me, pictures of some of my friends and their animals.

I hope you like some of the things that I do. If you do, then try some of the links. If you want more of my music, just ask.

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I had a wonderful birthday party on August 2nd, this year, with friends: Kat, Margaret, Emily, Stanley, Myra, Ronnie, Hazel, Raydon, John, Deryck, Sue, Abby, Helen, Emma, Glynn, Anne and Dawn.

Guests of honour were David and Emily from WildTouch animal rescue!

They brought a barn owl, bearded dragon, monitor lizard, giant tortoise, Crow, Hedgehog, corn snake and Boa!! What wonderful, sweet and patient animals.

You can visit their website at http://wildtouch7.wixsite.com/wildtouch

Here are some pictures of the party and animals.

Picture of Suto the sulcata tortoise Picture of a barn owl

Suto the sulcata tortoise was surprisingly speedy!

Beautiful barn owl

Picture of Annabel holding Quito the boa constrictor Picture of Annabel holding Quito the boa constrictor

Annabel with Quito the boa constrictor (8 feet long!)

Picture of Emily and Stanley meeting the barn owl Picture of Annabel holding a corn snake

Emily and Stanley meeting the barn owl

Annabel holding a corn snake

Picture of Annabel with the cheeky carrion crow Picture of Annabel meeting a monitor lizard

Annabel having a chat with a carrion crow

Annabel meeting a monitor lizard

Picture of Annabel holding a bearded dragon Picture of Annabel´s Connie Caterpillar cake

Annabel holding a bearded dragon

Annabel´s Connie Caterpillar cake


I went to see Darius Rucker in concert at the 02 Arena on August 17th, 2011. It was an amazing performance.

Thanks to Keith Greentree of BBC Radio Norfolk, I got a pass to go backstage and meet Darius. Deryck came with me.

This is the photo I had taken by Darius's photographer (you can click on it to see a bigger version):

Picture of me and Darius

Newsflashes over!

(You can view old newsflashes in my news archive)

If you want to fundraise for Guide Dogs, take a look at their website.

I would like to thank John for the love and the music and Deryck (Roadie) for his unending help and friendship.

Thanks go to Kat Wright and Helen Snodgrass for designing and setting up this website!

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